Reignite your PASSION as a Business Owner

Making money should be FUN! Dive deep within yourself to discover exactly how to do it with my simple method.

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Hi! I'm Ashley!

This is what we'll do together:


1. Create your unique client attraction system to find your next 5 ongoing clients in the next 30 Days by blending the tactical and magical - because manifesting will make this SO much easier!


2. Attract more money faster through strategic actions and offers. One of my greatest gifts is intuitively tuning into the energy of you and your business, so we can remove any blocks or slow downs with what you're attracting.


3. Most importantly, we're going to 5X your courage and impact through repatterining your thoughts and what you believe is possible. That means more people hearing your message, asking for higher rates, going for the bigger clients and impacting more people with your unique magic.



I help coaches and spiritual freelancers create more clients with ease, flow & fun!


I see you over there. Working really hard perfecting your website. Obsessing over your perfect niche and how to explain what you do for people.


Every morning you wake up excited about making an impact and creating transformation, only to get that sinking feeling as you check your phone to start the day. The same lonely sessions that were there yesterday.


But how can this be when you're literally doing all the things a business owner is supposed to do!?? You're posting on Facebook everyday, offering free intro sessions and consultations left and right. You're sending proposals to find clients here on Upwork. And after all that... crickets. 


It's frustrating to feel like a hamster on a wheel. Constantly in motion, yet making little to no progress with your business goals.


I'm happy to tell you that there IS another way. I'm doing it, my clients are doing it and we're going to get you doing it too.


You have a purpose & calling in this world, and when you unleash your Unique Magic you also begin to attract the people who are seeking exactly what you have to offer.


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Jennine Cohen, Luxury & Adventure Travel Expert, Speaker & Coach

"Ashley utilizes her magical yet highly effective blend of intuition, spirituality, and deep listening in her coaching. Feeling into what she was hearing, she helped me get clear and prioritize what I value and what is important by encouraging me to create space for ease in my everyday life. This helped me excel in my personal and professional life, and strike an authentic balance between goals and results oriented benchmarking, and being present and enjoying life every day fully."

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Avi Singh, Power BI Trainer & Coach, Co-Author of Top Selling Book

“I’m looking back to see all that I’ve accomplished and I’ve had the biggest last six months in my business - I’ve done things with I never even thought were possible. Right on the first call that we had there was a big breakthrough, and I was stunned that she could have that big of an impact in such a short amount of time”

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Kristin Lee, Entertainment Business Manager

“The impact has been phenomenal for me. I only wished I had done this sooner. I have set goals for myself and my business, hit them in major ways, and found a lot more happiness and balance in the process. The goals I had at the start of six months seem so small in comparison to the ones I started listing at the end of six months. All of this has really been so enriching for me as a business owner and a human being. Literally life changing! I wouldn't have [sanely] done everything I did in this time without coaching.”

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